popular holiday destinations

popular holiday destinations

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South-Western Turkey has vast natural treasures and a rich history. The people are exceptionally friendly and, as a result of all of these things, it is one of the more popular tourist destinations in the country.
However, in spite of being a modern and secular country, Turkey remains relatively conservative. Yobbo and booze-fuelled anti-social behaviours are frowned upon more than might be the case in some other Mediterranean countries. So, if your idea of a great holiday is non-stop drunken mayhem from the moment you arrive on the Dalaman Airport transfers, you might want to think about going elsewhere.
Turkey has one of the greatest collections of classical and earlier sites in the world. In and around this coastline, you’ll find sites such as Xanthose, Letoon, Patara and Pinara. Some of these date back to the 8th century BCE. Your enjoyment exploring them will be much enhanced if you get to grips with a little research on the history of the area before you visit it. Learn more about Trip to Cappadocia, Unesco world heritage site and Cappadocia that is the UNESCO world heritage site and organize your unforgettable trip to this wonderful place.
A gulet is the generic name given to a range of small Turkish sailing vessels. They are mainly based in the larger ports like Marmaris and you can take trips along the coastline, stopping for fishing, swimming and sunbathing. The prices are typically reasonable (shop around though) and it’s well worthwhile, given the fantastic scenery. On top of that, you’ll also possibly get to sunbathe and swim on some incredibly isolated coves that can’t be reached by land.
In Turkish bazars, a degree of haggling is considered to be normal and ‘part of the game’. This doesn’t come easily to people from North America or Northern Europe, but it can result in some very substantial reductions on the asking price. Join in and be prepared to walk away if you can’t get a deal you like. Haggling isn’t normally applied in restaurants, food and provisions outlets, supermarkets or major shopping malls. It’s usually the norm in bazaars and markets, though, and applies to trinkets, tourist items, clothes and related items. It doesn’t usually take place in major western-style high-street shops.

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