law firm in bangladesh

law firm in bangladesh

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Before the birth of the internet, plagiarism was a problem. Now, its a big problem. Never before has it been as easy to steal someone’s intellectual property and claim it as your own, and never before has it been as hard to prove ownership of your own intellectual property.
Every day bloggers write about their interests and ideas, making them publicly available for anyone to read and potentially copy. Examples of this are everywhere, simply find a popular blog, copy some text from it and put it into Google. I think that in the majority of cases, you will find the exact same blog entry posted elsewhere. I must however pause here and give credit where it is due, I have occasionally found a blog which correctly references its sources, something which should be encouraged. IP attorney Bangladesh, lawyers with many years of experience can help you protect your intellectual property in Bangladesh without any hassles.
Another domain in which plagiarism is a common occurrence is articles and tutorials (or guides). Writers who have produced very informative and helpful articles are often being ‘ripped-off’ and having their intellectual property stolen and published elsewhere on the web without their knowledge or consent. To put it bluntly, this is an outrage! Unfortunately, owing to the fact that plagiarism often goes unnoticed, there is very little authors can do about it.
This is where timestamping services come in very handy. The basic idea is to create a timestamp of your data (a blog entry, article or document for example) which contains all the information connecting you as the author to your intellectual property. If someone then plagiarises your work, it is easy for you to prove that that you are the original author. In some cases, the offending party will simply get away with it and there is nothing you can do about it however, if the plagiarised work has been submitted to a forum, blog or article database which is hosted by a reputable company, it is very easy to contact the website, provide them with your timestamp therefore providing proof of plagiarism and have them remove the offending data.

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